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A Little Night Reading…

Posted by Janis on January 7, 2007

Here’s what’s on my nightstand at the moment:

Victorian Lace Today, Jane Sowerby
Hats On!, Charlene Schurch
One Skein, Leigh Radford
Finishing Techniques for Hand Knitters, Sharon Brant

Knitting, Dec. ’06 – British knitting mag, a gift from a secret pal
Knitter’s Winter ’06
Interweave Knits, Winter ’06
knitsimple, Winter ’06/’07

Permanent residents: At Knit’s End & Knitting Rules!,
Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (The Yarn Harlot)

Non-knitting: Last Puzzle and Testament, Parnell Hall
2 pens, a pencil, 2 snippets of sock yarn from an in-bed toe-grafting
session before Christmas, subscription offer card for Knitter’s.
OK, so the last two items are knitty. So sue me.


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