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Greetings from Stashville

Posted by Janis on February 2, 2007


One of my New Year’s resolutions is to organize the stashette. I refer to it in the dimunitive because, really, how much yarn could I have accumulated in just over one year of knitting, no matter how obsessed? The bills have been paid, the dogs aren’t starving and neither are we — surely I couldn’t have bought much yarn…

So this week I did it. I set up the iBook in the living room and started pulling up the yarn bins from the basement. Trillian’s Stash Spreadsheets, which I found so amusingly over the top nine months ago, became “Well, OF COURSE I need to use Excel! How else can I track all this yarn?”

* DISCLAIMER: I know that my stash is puny compared to many — possibly most — so I offer this in terms of personal awareness only, not in the spirit of competition. *

Am I the only knitter on the planet who finds a 10-skein BAG of yarn in a fiber she doesn’t even LIKE to knit with and has no earthly idea when she acquired it? Oh wait — it’s all coming back to me… now I remember! Last summer someone on the Knittyboard said she loved Rowan Cotton Tape and many agreed. There were rumors it was to be discontinued. What could I do in a weak moment but Google wildly until I found some on sale and order it immediately? *sigh* It was a good sale, though…

Good thing sock yarn doesn’t count. (Then why did you type all those skeins into your precious little spreadsheet, huh?) I seem to have bought sock yarn to make everyone I know socks, but none of them has the same favorite colors as I do. Now that is just poor planning, as my dad would say.

I did think it would be fun (or scary) (or both) to look at the yarn in terms of mileage. If memory serves, 5,280 feet = 1 mile, which is 1,760 yards. Which means I have a little over 13 miles of yarn in my stash. I guess “stashette” is out. Time to start knitting…

Wait – 13 is an unlucky number! I better go to Knitorious first and get into the 14-mile zone for safety…


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