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Baby Stuff

Posted by Janis on February 11, 2007

drewsthings.jpg We have a new baby next door, so I indulged in a quick fix of whipping up a pair of booties and a little hat for him. Hey, Drew — welcome to Malabrigo, baby! (And I do mean baby.) Drew’s awesome mom is an artist. She told me about Stitch n’ Bitch and is responsible for introducing me to the new wave of hip knitting. Before buying the Stoller book, my only knit-lit was the classic Learn to Knit in Just One Day, by Jean Leinhauser, an American School of Needlework booklet I bought at the local Ben Franklin. Oh, and a companion piece, Many Mittens 9 Sizes, by Mary Lamb Becker, published by Leisure Arts. I will spare the fiber snobs among us a description of the yarn I purchased to learn to knit with that day. Ditto for the Addi addicts who would cringe at the idea of my first Susan Bates needles ($1.99).

A year later and I’m in the process of listing my knitting books on the library page of this blog — and it’s taking a while. Watch for a contest soon in which a couple of those volumes will be moving on to new homes…


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