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On the KB Sock Exchange Today

Posted by Janis on February 13, 2007

lisasgifts.jpg [Stock ticker sound effect in.] Today on the Knittyboard Sock Exchange, knitherapy ends WAY UP, with gorgeous socks from somerset. The Somerset Corporation (CA) added major bonuses to clinch the deal: Yetsa’s Sweater and handmade stitch markers. Analysts predict an increase in sock futures for the Somerset Corporation in a week to ten days. Bonuses still being negotiated. [Stock ticker effect out.]

Wow. Just wow. These socks are beautiful and they fit like a dream. The picture above doesn’t really do the yarn or pattern justice. It’s Regia Silk Shine, so it feels amazing and it’s got a little sparkle, too. The color is a deep cinnabar — just lovely.

Here’s a close-up so you can see the pattern a bit better (and see how cool the SM’s are): socknmark.jpg

The book is a charming story about a woman knitting traditional Cowichan sweaters, on the West Coast of British Columbia, the Coast Salish. Not only have I received beautiful socks, but also a lesson in knitting history and culture. I’m one lucky knitty.

* I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how cleverly Lisa chose a sock color that matches my blog-color, even before I HAD a blog color.


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