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Snow Day!

Posted by Janis on February 13, 2007

cocosnow.jpg Though it wasn’t a regular teaching day for me, it was a snow day. There’s something special about a snow day, no matter how old I get. It’s a feeling of getting something free and of being freed of any obligations or plans I had in the outside world today. Just stay home. Putter around. Play with yarn and dogs and husband. A luxury of time in the cancellation of errands, running to the post office, the grocery store.

Of course, there is that old saw about idle hands. And so I also got myself into a bit of trouble with a large skein of EcoWool. I wanted to knit up something for Orestes for Valentine’s Day and knew I’d just need a little of the 478 yards that come in the skein. Why take the time to set up the swift and ball winder? Why not just untwist the hank, stuff it in a Ziploc, and start knitting? Why, indeed? woolmess.jpg And that, gentle reader, is why. I have spent about an hour and half untangling and winding the %$#@! stuff by hand — and NOT knitting the present. Tune in tomorrow for a peek at the present. (All good energy sent toward another snow day tomorrow will be rewarded in your knitting. I promise.)


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