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* ahem * NOW open for comments…

Posted by Janis on February 15, 2007

Let’s see if I have finally unchecked all the boxes necessary for comments to be made. Two days of sun in a row here — maybe my brain is finally clearing enough to understand WordPress-ese… Thanks to Knitty-pal Janelle for testing earlier today.


3 Responses to “* ahem * NOW open for comments…”

  1. Janelle said

    Trying again…seems to be a success! It hasn’t asked me to log in, it’s allowing me to type. We’ll see what happens when I click “Submit”…

    Janelle (mom2cwf on the Knittyboard)

  2. Janelle said

    Woo hoo, I think it worked! Shows up on my computer, anyway.

  3. Yayyy!!!!

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