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Mercury’s in Retrograde

Posted by Janis on February 16, 2007

mercury.jpgFrom now until March 7, the planet Mercury is in retrograde. Never mind the astronomy involved in understanding that — this is big news for anyone who needs to communicate clearly, catch a plane, bus, or train, email a boss, or start a new project in the next 3 weeks.

I am no expert on astrology, but I know from personal experience what a wrench Mercury in retrograde can throw into the works. In my former life as a touring player in the Omaha Magic Theatre (no rabbits out of hats), if Mercury was in retrograde when we set out on a tour, we’d double and triple check every list we had. (I realize this is normal behavior for the Virgos among us — bully for you.) If we didn’t, we’d leave behind half the costumes or the set or, worse yet, the per diem cash. I’ve had bills mysteriously disappear somewhere between my mailbox and Palatine, Illinois (where all credit card bills seem to be paid), phone messages eaten by wayward machines, and comments made in jest terribly misinterpreted. (OK, I’m a Sagittarius, so that can happen anytime.)

Here’s a hint to get through these retrograde times. I didn’t think this up, but once I learned it, it made things a ton easier. Here goes:

1) This is a great time to clean off your desk, organize your stash, your closets, your life. In other words, go retro. Tidy up your past so you’re ready to move forward.

2) That said, you may already realize this is not the best time to start new projects, if you can keep from it. If you gotta, make lots of lists. Check ’em twice. Explain yourself thoroughly. Keep your fingers crossed.

3) You might want to follow up on any very important correspondence sent during these times. Just sayin’…

I am now removing my tall, pointy hat with the stars and moon on it, snuffing out the patchouli incense, and turning off the New Age music. It’s time to clean my freakin’ desk.mercurywithwings.jpg


2 Responses to “Mercury’s in Retrograde”

  1. That reminds me – did you get the first (sockless) package that I sent you?

  2. Jacquie said

    Guess what? I can now comment!

    Congratulamacations on your shiny new blog! Look how dedicated and frequent a poster you are! I’m so…inadequate.

    Hugs and yarn goodness to YOU,

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