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Happy (Lunar) New Year

Posted by Janis on February 17, 2007


It’s the Year of the Pig. And not only the Year of the Pig, but the Year of the Golden Pig, an especially auspicious event which only happens either once every 60 years or once every 600 years, depending on the source. (It certainly seems to me that something that rolls around only once every 600 years trumps a measly 60 any day, but that’s just me.) Being a Pig myself (born in 1959), I’m thinking this could be a great year. I’m also thinking, “Yeah, I’m up for a great year, after last year.” So we’ll see. So far so good, anyway — we stayed home and ordered in Chinese for dinner. (Before you excited — no, it’s not carry-out Cracker Jacks, with a prize in every package. I added Pucca and Garu at home, for visual effect. But it would be cool if the Wok would put little figures in each container. Collect the whole set…)

Happy New Year, everyone. May the Golden Pig bring you much happiness and prosperity this year.

porkypig1.gif That’s all, folks.


2 Responses to “Happy (Lunar) New Year”

  1. k ray said

    I didn’t know you were a Pig! Happy Pig Year to you! It’s very auspicious, you know.

  2. Anonymous said


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