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I Still Knit

Posted by Janis on February 19, 2007

Yeah, I’ve been knitting amongst all this blogging. Somerset’s first sock is to the heel, with a slight pause for knitting a Valentine giftie for Orestes. mouse.JPGHe’s been playing reggae music lately with a couple of guys, so everything at our house is reggae these days, mon. This little guy has a T-shirt and jams coming, too. The mouse is a pattern from the Tracy Ullman/Melanie Clark book, reprinted in the December issue of Knitting (Brit knit mag), sent to me by my fabulous secret pal, floppity. (Real identity yet to be revealed.) The short row shaping of the butt — delicately referred to in the pattern as “Seat shaping” — and face made me kinda crazy. I ripped the seat out once and redid it, but still had a fancy eyelet detail incorporated into the design. I darned it. And thank you, Mrs. Wickham, for making all of us in Girl Scout Troop #44 learn to darn socks in 1969. (This was against all my better judgment as a budding 11 year-old feminist — I wanted to learn how to burn my bra — who knew?)

One change I made to the pattern was to make the tail with I-cord instead of knitting it flat and seaming. That was an improvement, I think. If I were to make any more of these little rodents, I’d do the arms and legs on dpn’s in tiny circles, to avoid the very ugly seaming job I did on them. The little feet are terribly misshapen, too — in my rush, I seamed the legs first. I was supposed to do the feet, then the legs. So I’ll be knitting him some little shoes, too. Not only do I love my husband, I gave a rat’s ass. (And the rest of him, too.)

Back to Somerset’s socks…


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