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Posted by Janis on February 22, 2007

deskritus, n., knit*therapese Useless bits of crap that can’t be knit with, found in a desk or bureau.

There’s gotta be a special word for all the weird things that get pushed to the back of your desk. Or to be more precise, my desk. These are little scraps and tchotchkes, oddments picked up along the way that have just never found a permanent home. (Like the garbage can.) Here’s what I’m talkin’ about: deskdet.JPG . From left to right: a miniature cell phone kimono (Chinatown, Chicago, 2004), an unidentified package of negatives, a floppy disk with theatre reviews I wrote in 1998, the jump drive I bought as a gift for my summer teaching assistant in 2005 — but never gave her, apparently, though I thought I had, a perpetual calendar my grandparents brought back from when they lived in Aruba (1966-67) that’s perpetual only until 1986. Oh, and another one of my name labels. I only got those in October (2006).

This is the result of my Mercury-in-retrograde retro-activity. A mess of deskritus, and not a skein of yarn in the lot.


3 Responses to “Deskritus”

  1. Mistress Serrella - Gypsy in Training said

    Snort . . . giggle . . . snort. Be still my heart! I thought I was the only person that collected madding strange piles of “deskritus” in every drawer of my house! Oh how fun it is to see other’s . . . ah . . . things and have a giggle. After all . . . isn’t everyone else’s stuff far more interesting than your own??? Blog on my dear – love it!

    Mistress Serrella – Gypsy in Training (not my bra either!)

  2. Janis said

    Well, YOUR deskritus definitely is, Mistress S — a crystal ball, a few bent Tarot cards, some phony gold coins, a DayGlo skeleton earring… You’ve got it all over me on this one, I’m sure! x o x o

  3. I love this post. I have now looked at it three or so times! 😀

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