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Posted by Janis on February 26, 2007

kacha.JPGThat is the sound of the row counter clicking and the clock ticking for me to finish the Sock Exchange socks on time for our heroine Somerset. They MUST go in the mail on Wednesday (this Wednesday, imp!) — only 52 hours to go!

* Update, Thursday morning:  Did I say Wednesday? I meant Friday… yeah, Friday! Almost there…


5 Responses to “Kacha-Kacha”

  1. Actually, since I am heading out of town on Saturday (and don’t return home until March12), and there’s no way that the Socks would get to me by Friday unless you hand delivered them, you have a few more days than that to finish.

  2. Janis said

    * puts fingers in ears * I can’t hear you * la la la la la (singing at top of lungs) * I can’t hear you * (Don’t feed the imp, my friend!)

  3. chants: youcandoityoucandoityoucandoityouyoucandoitcandoit………I’ll be checking!

  4. Forgot to say: more than happy to send you the scone recipe but it is grams not cups. Is that ok?

  5. Janis said

    Oh yes – I can do grams! Thanks for the cheers — I’m to the heel turn!

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