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Equal Time for Cats?

Posted by Janis on March 1, 2007

Cat-people pals are asking if their moggies can be featured here. I love cats, just can’t have ’em at home with the three blog dogs. It would be great fun to have them here, though, so send those digital pix this way. Watch for Pookie and Vinnie in this space soon…

Also — a contest to celebrate spring and the completion of stash organization (except for the 6 skeins I picked up at the Hearthstone Knits sale on Tuesday).


2 Responses to “Equal Time for Cats?”

  1. k ray said

    I am guessing the thing that I did when I put all my good DMC floss into organized plastic ziplocs on a ring doesn’t count? Seeing as it’s .. y’know… EMBROIDERY???

  2. Janis said

    Oh my dear — if my embroidery were as luvverly as yours, I might not have needed to take up knitting! x o

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