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Off the Needles & Into the Post

Posted by Janis on March 7, 2007

The Sock Exchange socks are finished, washed, dried, and in the post — whew! Remind me next time that I’m not great at knitting on a deadline. (As if the holiday knitting would have been any indication…) Knitting for a knitter is a bit nerve-wracking, as well, accustomed as I am to knitting for friends and family who knit not and notice not mistakes and imperfections in my humble work. (Been teaching Shakespeare again — sorry!) But I have learned several important things in the process and they are:

1) I actually counted rows (kacha-kacha) AND measured for somerset’s socks, instead of just measuring. And guess what? The two socks match. Uh-huh, they are the same size. Who knew?

2) Making myself crazy picking the absolutely one perfect sock yarn in the world for my partner probably wasn’t as important as I thought it was. I used Mountain Colors Bearfoot and enjoyed it, but in the end, I think I’d have been happier with my good old Trekking.

3) I’m glad I picked a pattern I’d done successfully before. That cut some anxiety out of the equation.

Now I’m just hoping they fit well…


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