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Meet the Blog Bird & My Knitting Chica

Posted by Janis on March 8, 2007

image001.jpgThe elegant bird on the left is Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, “Pearl” for short. She is an Araucana and quite interested in knitting, especially when the elegant bird on the right is making Squiggle hats. That is Trish, my “knitting chica,” as Orestes dubbed her, my One Skein secret pal from the great state of Washington.

Joining a secret pal round in the knitting world is kind of like getting a pen pal, a secret Santa, and — if you’re very lucky — a real friend in the end. I was a fairly new knitter when I signed on for the One Skein round, and there are so many things that my Knitting Chica introduced me to:

* Sock knitting! I don’t know how long it would have taken me to take the plunge if it hadn’t been for Trish’s wonderful gifts of the “Two Socks Soar” book and sock yarn. Considering I had a deep phobia of double-pointed needles, it might never have happened if not for her.

* Sari silk and a great story… The first package Trish sent me had two skeins of beautiful Himalaya recycled sari silk and wool, just what I’d been eying online for months. I called my mom to tell her about my treasures and she finally said, “If you’re so excited about it, why do you keep calling it ‘sorry’ – what’s wrong with it?”

* Alpaca, alpaca, alpaca, alpaca (4 skeins!). * sighhh * Enough said.

* Best of all, Trish shares her adventures with the SPD’s (Secret Pal Daughters), husband, chickens, Yarn Yoga group, and knitting in these great emails that feel like real chats. Now that is a gift.

* How could I forget the Bass Pro Extreme Jumbo Worm Binder? Trish is responsible for this wondrous innovation in organizing (and possibly saving!) my knitterly life!


3 Responses to “Meet the Blog Bird & My Knitting Chica”

  1. Asa said

    Oh yey! That’s how I got over my sock-knitting phobia too. I also don’t like dp needles and two circulars make such great sense. I’ve only knitted the basic pattern yest in the Two Socks Soar book, but am ready to progress.

  2. Janis said

    Go for it — you’ll love it! Also – be sure to check out Charlene Schurch’s “Sensational Knitted Socks” book. She gives directions for ALL methods for each sock pattern — I use it all the time. Happy socking!

  3. Jan M said

    Janis – Just got back and just read your blog. I am SO impressed – with the writing, with the spirit and with your new technical expertise! Bravo!!! You make me want to take up knitting. Would it help curb my snacking and nail-picking tendancies? When can we get together???? Caaaall me.

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