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Long Time, No Post

Posted by Janis on March 23, 2007

It’s been ages since I’ve posted, and it’s pretty grim to return to the whiff of stale blog. Time to freshen this up, post some updates, talk some knitting.

Spring break happened — thank God for the teaching life! Great skiing, great family time, and even some good knitting AND a surprise yarn shop find — I feel better than I have for months. Really refreshed – no, renewed – that’s the word. Renewed. While I was away, St. Louis turned green and springy, bloomy and flowery. My fledgling bulb bed in the front yard has some grape hyacinth and dwarf iris in bloom, with more shoots ready to go for tulips and things I don’t remember planting. Or weeds? It’s still sparse, needs spreading and naturalization, but it’s cheering nevertheless. The forsythia bush at the side of the house is in full bloom and the pro-gardener neighbors’ brilliant daffodils are a sight for sore eyes.

I also returned to find much BOOTY in the way of yarn and books I had ordered a while back — wheee! The yarn (well, one box of it) was a back order from before Christmas from WEBS — I had ordered the stuff to make the Floral Lace Shawl in Vogue Knitting Fall ’06, which I think is just gorgeous. Now I have about 6 months to make it before it’ll be in season to wear.

This brings me to my latest brainstorm, which I’m sure is far from an original idea, but here goes. I’m thinking I’ll make up a calendar for the projects I want to do, so maybe they’ll be finished in time for the season they’re designed for. I know, I know — bold thinking here — a calendar! — but it just might work.

I have a long and sordid history of affairs with calendars, especially the attractive ones — you know the type: good looks, sleek lines, sexy fonts for the printing — I go weak in the knees just describing the perfect one. And so I bring it home, admittedly often paying too much, and at first it’s great. I mean, fantastic calendar! I get out my special pens to share with it, I see it constantly, do all the little things to make the relationship click. Then after a few weeks, something happens… I don’t know, it just isn’t… exciting anymore. I stop opening it up, maybe even ignore it or leave it for long periods in the bottom of a bag or my desk. The thrill is gone. Somehow I manage to get everywhere I’m supposed to be (for the most part), but I miss the company of that good-looking creature and the promise of being truly organized. Not enough to go back to the jilted one, usually, but in a few months I’ll start all over again. I’ll see a particularly hot one in the book store and WHAM — I’m in lust again.

So for this knitting calendar, I’m going to outfox myself. I’m going to use the plain old iCal or just print out some calendar grids on white paper. Yeah, that’ll work. Or maybe I’ll look for a pretty little journal or notebook of some kind — uh oh…

rileyhatcrop.JPG anniehat.JPGyarnhat.JPG There is a certain kind of hat that looks good on everyone – and everything. This little crocheted beret belongs to my niece Hannah (I didn’t make it, but someone did), and gives a certain “je ne sais quoi” to both Riley and Annie, not to mention the skein of Wool-Ease we’d been making pom-poms with. (Pom-poms: gateway drug to actual knitting…)

More soon, including a report on an Alpaca Fair field trip tomorrow! Can’t you just smell the fiber?


2 Responses to “Long Time, No Post”

  1. You’re right about that hat…it does look good on everyone.
    Thank you so much for my gift, it is really really kind of you. It was opened with much squealing (and, yes I was home alone!). I love the colours of the peaches n creme (I can’t believe we can’t get that over here), the lip balm and gloss are well loved already ;-), the Peeps look “interesting” and will be sampled tomorrow, and my prize possesion???? my knitty badge! THANK YOU x

  2. Janis said

    You are most welcome – happy spring!

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