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3 Things I Thought I’d Never Say…

Posted by Janis on March 25, 2007

1) “When we pick out the new sofa, it has to match the table we already have with the shelf that perfectly fits the worm binder with my needles in it.” Yeah, ’cause a big blue Bass Pro Extreme Jumbo Worm Binder is the home decor accessory of the season!

2) “I don’t mind being in the car for fifteen hours straight. I’ll knit.” Why do we only live 15 hours from Colorado? It seemed so far away before I took up knitting…

3) “These #10 needles are so big and awkward. I like the #1 Addi’s much better.” This exciting discovery has led to rethinking all the beautiful patterns in Interweave Knits back issues that I rejected out of hand because the needle size required was less than a US8. It’s a whole new world out there…


2 Responses to “3 Things I Thought I’d Never Say…”

  1. Trish said

    When did you get the Bass Pro Extreme Worm Binder (I love to say that name!)? I love mine, and the other 5 of us in our Yarn Yoga group LOVE them too — several of us have already needed “expansion” bags! Bravo Janis!!!

  2. Anonymous said

    Orestes gave it to me for Christmas – on your fine suggestion! He had a grand old time going to the Bass Pro Shop
    and telling the guy he wanted a worm keeper for his wife! I need to edit your entry and add the binder to it! Oh – and Orestes was thinking ahead and got some extra bags from the get-go! x o –

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