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Posted by Janis on April 10, 2007

In addition to petting and admiring the new additions to the stash, I did get a few projects finished in March. The Sock Exchange socks for Lisa (received finally and they fit!), my niece Hannah’s socks (from Christmas), my friend Kay’s pedicure socks (now that it’s 80 degrees and too hot to wear them), a scarf for my Danish AFS sister from high school, Nynne (and a hat to match since I had yarn left, but it’s not in the pic), and a chemo cap (no pic) for my nephew Shelby (who thankfully is now nearly finished with treatment and is doing very well). somsox.jpghannahsox.jpgpedisox.jpgnynnescarf.jpg Not the most artful composition of these images, but there they are.

For those of you concerned about my state of awareness — yes, I did remove the needles from the scarf at the end. This is an in-progress pic I took when I was feeling optimistic about finishing quickly. The red needles are some of my favorites (for straights, anyway) — they’re Bakelite – oh yeah, Bakelite! – and came in a set of vintage needles Orestes found for me at a flea market. Only the #10’s are Bakelite, the rest are shiny, pointy aluminum in dreamy retro colors. (But there are 2 sets of #10’s – the other is a robin’s egg blue-ish Bakelite – yum!) If anyone else has some old Bakelite needles and you’re interested in some sort of swap or wheel-and-deal, do let me know.


One Response to “Fini!”

  1. kay said

    MY SOX ARE ON THE INTERNETS!! I am so excited!

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