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Phfew! Stale Blog!

Posted by Janis on May 16, 2007

* cough * fans hands around to diffuse musty odor * cough * Well, it’s been a while… let’s see… lots going on around here, shows and scenes to direct, end-of-school frolics of one kind and another, some knitting, quite a lot of frogging – including a complete redo of the bamboo scarf, and even some healing. (This is going to be a little bit about the “therapy” part for a paragraph or so — feel free to skip down or come back another day.)

Mother’s Day. I made it through the most dreaded day on my calendar this year. It’s the first one without my mom and I was so afraid of how I would feel and how I would manage those feelings and what I could do to make it through. And guess what? I had a lot of support and it was just fine. No, really, it was OK. I missed Mom — of course I did, we always made a big deal over her on her special day — but it was bearable. I didn’t fall apart, I wasn’t miserable all day. Several dear friends called to say they were thinking of me, knowing it would be a hard day, and Orestes was on the scene, my anchor. Sunday was also our 12th wedding anniversary, and he wisely planned for us to have our special celebration another day, later in the week. Finally, Dad came down for the day, bearing an anniversary gift for us that is just unbelievable: he built us this authentic Stickley china cabinet. Now there’s a man who knows the value of redirection — wow!

Anyway, by the time I went to bed on Sunday night, I felt the weight of the world was off my shoulders. I was so exhausted from the sheer relief of it that I was too tired to knit even one row.

BACK TO KNITTING: Well, with all that anxiety out of the way, I was raring to go and finish the Orca Tails scarf I’d been knitting off and on since spring break. It is now finished, and it looks pretty good. I made it out of Noro Aurora, about a skein and a half-ish. The original recipe calls for Kureyon, but I thought the glittery bits of the Aurora would look very mermaid-like, and I’m a big fan of mermaids, so the Aurora it was. It did come out kinda narrow, though…orca.jpg

The bamboo scarf was finished a week or so ago – hallelujah! It washed and blocked out so nicely, I can scarcely believe I made it! I wore it one day last week and got so many nice compliments, including, “You MADE this? I thought you bought it at a store!” Who knows, maybe I’m on the way from my “homemade” to looking a little more “handmade.” Man, I hope so — I was just at the thrift store last week, costuming a show, and the number of handknit scarves broke my heart… (Note to family and friends: If you feel compelled to donate a work of knitterly art I have made for you, please send it to a thrift shop in a galaxy far, far away. I will DIE if I see it at one of my usual haunts…)pinkscarf.jpg

Last night I cast on for my friend Jen’s Christmas sweater. From ’06, not for ’07, mind you. I figure if I have all last Christmas’ presents done by the 4th of July, I’ll have a clean slate for this Christmas. Always thinking, this one, always thiiiinnnnking…

A Final Thought For All You Mothers Out There: You are awesome, do you hear me? AWESOME. What you do for your children is absolutely irreplaceable. I hope they tell you this themselves, but if they don’t — know that you are doing good work. And to Kay, Jan, Hilary, Nancy, Terri, Sylvia, Gloria, Eileen, Diane, and Trish — you’re my heroines, gals. What wonderful mothers you are!


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  1. La Flor said

    oh scarfs… so pretty

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