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Must-See Cats

Posted by Janis on May 17, 2007

A while back I promised some equal time for cats here. Meet the first blog cats:  Minko and Rupert. They are the fur-babies of my old friend Laura and her husband Bill, and are as fine and friendly of felines as you could hope to meet. They’re the kind of cats who run to the door when company comes, instead of running away. I totally respect cats who hide from company, don’t get me wrong, that’s their cat-given birthright. But I just love the kind who come to see who’s come to see them.pict0131_480.jpg

Minko is the top cat here, age 5, adopted from the APA. Rupert is below, age 6, adopted from the Humane Society. Couldn’t you just curl up with them right now for a nice, long catnap? I thought so.

There’s something about stripes on a cat that are so appealing, not to mention those dear white socks on Rupert. I believe they both have white eyeliner — adorable — and Rupert’s inner ears are pink. * sigh * I miss having a cat around the house, much as I love the blog dogs.


5 Responses to “Must-See Cats”

  1. They are gorgeous, they look like real lap-cats (unlike my “little” ginger ninja).

    PS I have been tagged, and need to pass it on 7 times so I have tagged you – see my blog for details 😉

  2. Janis said

    Tagged? Me? I’ve never been tagged before – I’m honored, really! (I think – must go see what this means.)

    Ginger Ninja? I love ginger cats — but is Ninja not cuddly? I’ve always found ginger cats to be among the very friendliest… Tell us about this Ninja!

  3. Asa said

    Oh so cute!

  4. zuma said

    I love a good kitty post. They are adorable. Sally’s an attention whore, she’ll walk up to any strangers and beg for pets. Of course if they try to pick her up she’ll scratch their face off. LOL

  5. Janis said

    Oh, send me a Sally pic so I can post her, Zuma!

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