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Slow Going Sock(s)

Posted by Janis on July 12, 2007

I’m making a pair of Hedera socks out of Panda Cotton, in the strawberries and limes colorway. Gosh, it seemed so springy and cheery back in April when I bought the yarn, and again in May when I cast on. I’ve made one whole sweater and the back to another one since then, and just can’t seem to get in gear to finish these socks. (Socks – ha! – that’s an overstatement. I only have a little over half of the first one done at this point.) I’m not so crazy about what the colorway is doing in this pattern and I’m wishing I’d done the Hedera ones in a solid color. What do you think? (In all fairness, I should say that frogging is like, NEVER an option for me when I’ve gone this far with a lace pattern.)pandasox.jpg

I also have a Captain Jack Sparrow’s Favorite Sock(s) on another set of needles. I regret to say that I cheaped out on Trillian’s original yarn and went with some stuff I had in the stash. So my pirate sock looks much more… uhhh… folkloric, shall we say? Whimsical? Not as truly roguish and pirate-like as the original. And here’s why I love my husband so much: when I asked him if he minded that they wouldn’t be as cool-looking as the originals, he said, “But they’re really funny this way. I like ’em better.” (He should’ve said “it” — “I like it better,” as there are – again – nowhere near 2 socks here we’re talkin’ about.) I will share with you the whimsical, folkloric sock: piratesock.jpg

(Please note the beautiful stitch markers made for me by Lisa.)

I have the sweater bug, though — I just seem to want to knit sweaters. Or knit a big scarf or shawl I can wear when we go to the Shaw Festival next weekend. But my Sea Silk isn’t here yet – at least not the colorway I want to do it in (OK, OK, so I caved — I got “Forest” AND “Periwinkle”) So I keep plodding along to get the Hedera sock finished. Orestes should have his silly, woolly socks in time for cold weather.

But what, oh what shall I knit for holiday gifts this year? I had pledged to start those in July, but can’t seem to decide what patterns to choose for which people. I’m looking at all these gorgeous lace projects, but I don’t think I’d get many of THOSE finished in time for December, even if I did lace scarves. Maybe I’ll do mittens this year. Mittens and hats,
mittens OR hats. Trish just sent me a great new hat pattern, so that’s inspiring, and I have a ton of yarn in the stash I bought to make mittens last winter. (Completed mittens, Winter 2007: 0) I’m ready.

P.S. – Despite the enormous victory of learning the (an?) invisible provisional cast-on late Saturday night, I have yet to cast on for the Lacey Kerchief Scarf (damn big scarf – really more of a shawl, I think.) This weekend for sure.


2 Responses to “Slow Going Sock(s)”

  1. I have the sneaking suspicion that it’s not going to be shawl weather…sponge weahter, maybe.

  2. Janis said

    Great – sponges I have! Just got a giant pack at Costco a coupla weeks ago… I’m set!

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