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On Frittering

Posted by Janis on July 15, 2007

Where has the morning gone? I just looked at the clock in the corner of my monitor and realize I’ve been zipping around online wasted nearly 2 hours poking around online. And what do I have to show for it? A small Knitpicks order (40% off  books there, so that’s all good), and that’s just about it. (Oh, and I did post a question on a Disneyland discussion board about the presence or absence of the electrical parade over Labor Day weekend.)

I’m fairly certain that I am the Queen of the Fritterers. I fritter away my free time in a way that appalls me – sometimes, that is (and obviously not enough to stop frittering). I discovered my talent for frittering at a crucial intersection in my life:  leaving full-time, 40-60 hour weeks as an arts administrator to go to grad school AND internet access at home. In the decade that’s followed, I’ve been fortunate to have various teaching jobs that do not require me to be anywhere all day, every day. Much of my spare time I have devoted to the art of frittering. My specialty is, of course, online frittering or Web frittering. Within that specialty, I have areas of extreme expertise:  Travel  Surfing and Trolling for Knit. I’m pursuing a minor in Blog Hopping, but have a long way to go to compete with my dear Kay, who recently shared with me a blog entry about a knitted iPhone! (She is just too au courant, y’know?)

I do need to go to my LYS today (that’s Knitorious, for any St. Louis area knitters) and it opens in 9 minutes. It’s one proven way to end the frittering…


6 Responses to “On Frittering”

  1. k said

    Well, after having read that post, you won’t have much trouble figuring out what I am doing … Yes. Frittering. When I should be cleaning. I think they should have a degree program in this.

  2. kelly said

    Well, I don’t think I’ve heard it called “frittering” before, but that term suits it well. This is a serious art form we’re talking about here… one that is honed over years of practice. Fritter on, Sistah!

  3. Janis said

    Hey, I’ve got an idea, k! Let’s start one of those degree programs — online, of course! — in Web Frittering!
    Kelly, will you be one of our expert instructors?

  4. I putter, and sometimes even lollygag. If puttering was an Olympic event, I could represent Canada. Except for the fact that I would start to fill out the team application form, get up to go to the other room to get a pen, then see that there is a new magazine that came in the mail, then go do a web search about somthing the magazine reminds me of, then go back into the original room but forget what it was I was going there for, then go back and check my email, then check my bloglines, then go make a snack…

  5. k said

    ACK! Ladylungdoc has it right. You check your email. Nothing there except spam of course, and all those weird Freecycle requests. So you read some of that, then check one of your blogs. Or nine. Send one link to Janis, just in case she hasn’t seen it. Get up to fix a glass of tea. Forget it’s there, and you leave it in the microwave and go downstairs because the dryer buzzed an hour and a half ago, so you really ought to get that processed. While you walk down said stairs, you notice it’s really cat-hairy. So you stop and go get the vacuum, back upstairs. Plug it in, begin to vacuum, and then the dog starts barking and the mail is here. So you drop the vacuum and check that, which then reminds you about the wash. And though you head down there, you think, Hey didn’t one of those guys on Freecycle need a litterbox? … it’s a neverending cycle. Before you know it, it’s 5 o’clock, and there is no way the brisket (still in the fridge) you thought you would fix tonight will EVER get done, so you begin rooting through the pantry items to see what dinner might be. At some point, you need to thaw something, open the microwave…. oh yeah. My tea.

  6. Janis said

    Ladylungdoc – You can be Dean of Puttering at our new online Fritter U., but we’d better be careful at the Shaw –
    don’t want to miss the curtain…

    K – Brisket always takes too long — but, of course, I could make cassoulet every day of the week, with napoleons for dessert, if I weren’t frittering away my time online…

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