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Finished the Ugly Sock

Posted by Janis on July 18, 2007

ugsock.jpgAnd it’s … ugly. Yup. No way around it, I just don’t like the little guy. The pattern is fine, the fit is good, I just hate the colorway for the lace pattern. My bad. Why, oh why, did it not occur to me that when the Panda Cotton people said they’d done the Hedera socks in Panda Cotton, that I didn’t think, “Yeah, musta been one of the solid colors…” I was all wigged out about using a pattern that allowed for the teeny bit of elastic in the Panda Cotton, and I’m not sure it even mattered much.

I’m sure in a more philosophical mood I’ll see all the lessons I’ve learned from knitting this sock, and I’ll be all glad for the experience. But right now, I’m just pissed. What a waste of time. (Not to mention the second sock, which I’ll no doubt go ahead and knit, just in case someone I know would like a pair of ugly socks. Guess after this post, they’re kinda toast as Christmas gifts, huh?)

I knew I would finish the sock last night, so as a preventive measure, I went to Knitorious and self-medicated, stocking up on Noro and Malabrigo. I knew they would erase the pain of this little mistake, and even though it’s probably wrong to rely on artificial stimulants, I’m not sorry I’ll be able to cast on sweaters for my nieces today. And because I’ve already switched yarn for these projects at least 3 times, I’m a little more certain I’ll be happy with the results. Here’s hoping.


6 Responses to “Finished the Ugly Sock”

  1. Hey,

    I LIKE that sock, how about this – you do not knit the 2nd sock.

    You send us the sock you hate in Strawberry-Limes and the unused ball.

    We send you 2 new balls of Panda Cotton in a solid color of your choice – AND – 2 balls of our new MAIZY sock yarn (83% corn fiber – 17% elastic nylon) in color of your choice ( ) .

    We’d be happy to use that wild sock as a sample!

    Regards, Susan

    Susan C. Druding
    Crystal Palace Yarns – Straw Into Gold, Inc.
    Richmond, CA 94804

  2. Janis said

    Wow! I feel like I just won the Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes – only better! The sock is yours – I will email you with rest of info. Thank you, Susan — and be assured, the yarn is great fun to knit with!

  3. rut therapy said

    oh my goodness… i LOVE that sock! that is one of my very, very favourite color combinations.

    (which may or may not be a pretty good clue as to who i am…)

  4. Janis said

    Hmmmm, sneaky secret pal blog comment! I do agree about the color combination – I love it – I just don’t like it with the pattern – too busy for me. But it is going to have a new home as a sample sock — I’m so excited!

  5. laura said

    i’m the CPY “sock guru” and run the CPY blog. I’d like to go ahead and post
    your gorgeous sock picture there, and link to you here? need your ok before i do this
    as well, you know that Susan is thrilled with your socks and will post pics
    on the CPY main site too.
    love reading about your knitting adventures!
    blessings, :L

  6. Janis said

    Hi Laura,
    Of course you may post and link — how exciting! I have shored up the sock’s feelings now by assuring it that it has become just a little famous at CPY. It’s going into the post this afternoon… Thank you for the kind words!

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