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5th Time’s a Charm…

Posted by Janis on July 19, 2007

Here is the cold, harsh truth: CSI reruns and lace knitting are a BAD combination. Last night I finally got around to casting on for the Lacy Kerchief Scarf (IK Holiday ’06), after doing a little swatch for a sweater for my dad and deciding to wait till I actually measured the nieces properly for their sweaters.

I got out my beautifully wound cakes of Butterfly 10 and my shiny new Addi Lace #6, did that easy Knit and Tonic provisional cast on, and set off. Only 26 stitches, no repeats of the lace pattern, just 8 rows to the pattern. Easy peasy, right? Except that I kept getting to about row 6 and having a stitch too many. Since I was enjoying a gin and tonic along with the CSI reruns, I thought I’d merrily knit along, doing an extra little skpsso every now and again to correct those pesky little extra stitches. After about 6 repeats of the pattern, I was so consistently screwing up at the same place that I contemplated Googling errata for the pattern. I frogged back to the beginning three or four times, with no better luck (or skill, as it turns out). Instead I went to bed, after first reading a little Yarn Harlot on the subject of process vs. product knitters. I went to bed pretty certain I was firmly in the process camp.

bfly10.jpgI woke up this morning thinking, “What am I doing wrong with that pattern?!” I blush to disclose that I did indeed Google for pattern errata — there are none, except in my flawed little fingers — so I decided to frog and start AGAIN. From the top, as we say in the theatre, and in the bright sunshine of my kitchen, no TV allowed. It will hardly come as a surprise to my knitting friends that the fault, dear Brutus, was in my self, not my pattern. I have now completed the first 6 repeats without disaster and look forward to the next section, in which a garter stitch middle section is added.

Lessons learned: a) I think I may be growing into a product knitter after all – yikes! b) I really love knitting from a chart, even when I’m doing it badly (or wrong) — I love the suspense in seeing that I have 7 more knit stitches to go on the row according to the chart, but not being able to quiiiiiiite see all of them on my left needle behind my thumb. Am I still on track? Have I derailed? Are there really seven stitches waiting to be knit, or have I cheated myself out of one or sneaked in an extra somewhere? And if so, can I fix it without ripping it out?

Yarn note: The Butterfly 10 may change my mind about knitting with cotton. I am loving this stuff!

Needle note: I want to knit everything with Addi Lace needles. Everything is so much easier with those points (tips?)!


2 Responses to “5th Time’s a Charm…”

  1. Rachele said

    So true about the crime drama reruns and lace. That’s how I messed up my Branching Out to the point of no return! (A few times…)

    Is that Greek I see on the yarn label? I’ve been there twice so far this year and haven’t found any nice yarn. 😦 Maybe I need to look outside of Greece.

  2. Janis said

    It is Greek, my wise one! And I’m telling you, I have become a cotton convert because of this yarn — it’s wonderful!
    I wasn’t knitting yet when we were in Greece in 2000, so I don’t know how yarn shops/availability is there (plus we were on some pretty teeny islands), but this stuff is great. I think it’s pretty widely available here in the States,
    trying to think if I’ve seen it at Hearthstone… Maybe we should go find out when you get into town!

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