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O Canada!

Posted by Janis on July 30, 2007

ocanada.jpgNeed to catch up a bit with my summer gallivanting, as my mother used to call it. Great word, huh? — “gallivanting.” One of my little projects I never quite got to before she passed was making a little book of “Mom-isms” for her. She had all these funny phrases and words, some of them from her Oklahoma upbringing (like “sweet patootie” – I think that’s a Southern thing), and some she may have just made up. (Like when we’d lose a tooth when we were little, she called us “Fanny Snaggle-tooth” – how great is that? Anyone who’s heard these before and can help track them, please let me know.)

Oh, but I digress… A couple of weekends ago we took our first real trip to Canada, besides for changing planes. OK, we were only in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, which isn’t too far into the great country of Canada, but we were impressed. Besides the obvious attractions like a national anthem that kicks butt, prettier money, and national health care, the place is gorgeous and the people are great. (You can afford to be kind and friendly when you know you won’t be homeless next month because of unforeseen medical bills.)

We went to take in the Shaw Festival — just had to see their “Saint Joan” and it was worth the whole trip, stunning! — and I was able to meet up with my sock swap Knitty friend, Lisa (click on “purlthis” under blogroll), who’s now based in Toronto. She came bearing gifts: an absolutely edible skein of Fleece Artist SeaWool (no, you may NOT taste my yarn! I know it looks delicious, but you can’t have it), and a very cool raku-fired ceramic apple. (That description does NOT do it justice – it’s one of the most aesthetically appealing things I’ve held in a long time — besides yarn. See photo for better idea of its beauty and inherent holdability). I’m so glad Lisa thought of bringing yarn, as it was incredibly difficult to be in Canada, which = Yarnland, and not be within striking distance of a LYS. Left to my own devices, I’d have assumed there would be one on every corner, in every village, no matter how small… lisagifts.jpg

We took an afternoon to see Niagara Falls, and I must say I was completely clueless as to what to expect. It is spectacular (duh) and awe-inspiring. Unfortunately, we came into town a dumbass way and were subjected to major touro-trash before getting to the object of great natural beauty. Yes, that’s right, we encountered Frankenstein yomping a Whopperburgerfrank.jpg before we got to this:fallsrbow.jpg

Alas… ’twas a shock, to be sure. Did we ride the Maid of the Mist? Oh yes, we did — I may be critical of Clifton Hill tourist traps, but I know an authentic tourist attraction when I see it. This was the real deal. maidomist.jpg (And I was so glad we went on the Canadian side, with the blue ponchos — I look terrible in yellow.)

[I’m thinking maybe I should rename this blog “travel*therapy” — I seem to be doing a lot of that this summer.]


2 Responses to “O Canada!”

  1. Rachele said

    Ah, Canada! I couldn’t agree with you more on the money, anthem, health care, people…I’d also add the national sport, French, and poutine. I think I was born too far south!

  2. Janis said

    D’accord, Rachele!

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