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Look, Hadji! It’s Bandit!

Posted by Janis on August 1, 2007


My brother and his family have adopted this gorgeous 3-year old Husky, Bandit. We’ll be meeting them in Denver tomorrow — hooray! Driving out with my dad, then flying from Denver to Florida to visit my in-laws, then Florida homeward. Long trip, lots of knitting time — Lacy Kerchief Scarf (I’m growing to hate that name), I’ll be wearing you in a few days! Possibly also the Montego Bay scarf — except I’m too chicken to cast on that deluxe SeaSilk — it’s just too nice! Before you kindly offer to take it off my hands — don’t worry, I’ll manage somehow!


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Here are our heroes of youth: Dr. Quest, Race Bannon, Jonny, Hadji, and Bandit. I had a crush on Hadji, but also felt strangely uncomfortable when Jade would show up acting all sultry around Race…


3 Responses to “Look, Hadji! It’s Bandit!”

  1. k said

    seem seem salabeem!!!

  2. Shea said

    Cute dog! I have the whole set of Johnny Quest dvds. Got my kid hooked on them too!

  3. Janis said

    Thanks for your comment – he is a great dog, as well as being cute. Just met him in Colorado a couple of weeks ago.

    Hey, Shea – we have the JQ Season I DVD’s – are there other seasons available as well?

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