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Special Guest Blog Dog, Louis

Posted by Janis on October 18, 2007


Yes, yes — I had a brush (and a lick or two!) with fame while in New York. This is Louis, the understudy bulldog for “Legally Blonde” on Broadway. His trainer, Rob, gave a workshop on working with critters onstage at our conference, and Louis decided I was his new best buddy. Ask me how much I loved that…

Other glimpses at famous folk around the Big Apple: Orestes was nearly mowed down by Greta Van Susteren as she zoomed down 42nd Street with her wheeled attaché, giving notes to her (non-wheeled) attaché. We hung around the stage door at the Biltmore after “Mauritius” and had a chance to meet Bobby Cannavale and F. Murray Abraham — both so gracious and indulgent of our compliments on their performances — very exciting. Then we saw Beck at the Chelsea Goodwill — well, Orestes spotted him – I wouldn’t recognize him (or his music) if he/it bit me on the ass. But it is fun to be in a place where all sorts of celebrated people just walk around doing normal people things. OK, OK, so I got a little star-struck in New York – so sue me.

Two posts on New York – that’s plenty. When I get caught up on the rest of my life, I’ll fill you in on my knitting projects, which include a potentially lethal experiment using Noro Kureyon for a Wonderful Wallaby… Maybe not so wonderful, that idea.



3 Responses to “Special Guest Blog Dog, Louis”

  1. jillbot said

    he is precious. i love squishy, wrinkly pups. is that a squirrel butt he’s chewing on? oh, who cares, ADORABLE!!

  2. Janis said

    Why yes, Jill — that IS a squirrel butt he’s chewing on! But don’t worry – it’s a FAKE squirrel butt!

  3. Cialis said

    wOZIFZ Excellent article, I will take note. Many thanks for the story!

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