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Posted by Janis on November 6, 2007

All right, my friends, here’s my question for you: WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? tweedmixup.jpg

If your answer is, “Those are two completely different shades of yarn!”, then you are correct! If your answer goes on to say, “Gosh, I hope she’s knitting a two-toned sweater…,” then I’m afraid you’re wrong.

I have just suffered a rather serious stash smackdown. My beloved stash — carefully stored in plastic bins and painstakingly recorded in Excel spreadsheets — sold me out last night. I had just knit up the first ball of the Yorkshire Tweed Aran for my Dad’s Christmas sweater – 175 yards of glory, minus the part I swatched. I knew that, despite the fact I had purchased this yarn well over a year ago, that I had 11 balls in the stash. I knew this because it was written on the spread sheet. See?


There it is — #115: Yorkshire Tweed Aran – blue – 11 balls. (Plus one of cream and one of plum, because I was going to design this fancy little Fair Isle portion across the chest, but I chickened out.)

So last night when I went downstairs to the stash (with a song in my heart and a spring in my step) to get Ball #2, I opened the full bag of blue yarn and gasped — (and worse, but I leave that to your imaginations): Even in the dim light of the basement, I could see that what was in that bag was NOT the same as what was on my needles at that very moment. And not to put too fine a point on it, but I had 6 inches x 41 inches of cardigan there — that’s 246 square inches of knitting — and about 8 hours of my life I’d never get back.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. I raced to the computer and looked to see if Jannette’s on eBay had any more bags of the color I’d (OK, OK — mistakenly) cast-on — no dice. A quick Google offered me a few choices from $13.95 a ball to $15. Could I afford to blow a hundred bucks plus shipping to avoid frogging and starting over? I considered it. I even pondered it for at least five minutes before heaving a great sigh, getting out the ballwinder, and kissing the beginning of my Charcoal Ribbed Cardigan good-bye.

It wasn’t quite as painful as I expected, but it did register somewhere between the time I wiped out on my Rollerblades and took all the skin off one thigh and the time I missed out on a Kidsilk Haze sale.

Apparently, the rogue ball of teal-ish blue was part of that original Fair Isle plan. The bag of blue I bought was plenty for a man’s cardigan, and I must have ordered 3 balls of contrasting colors, not 2. When I was faithfully entering all of this into the spreadsheet in January, I had already forgotten this and didn’t look closely at the yarn to see the difference. (Try opening the bag next time, Doofus.)

I didn’t listen to my inner knitter when I thought the yarn seemed to have much more green in it than I remembered and wondered why I’d chosen something with so many yellow flecks in it. No, I just knit on, blithely ignoring those flashing red lights in the periphery. Thank God it was just wool and not a train.

Hey – anybody want a ball of Yorkshire Tweed Aran? The shade is #415 – Maze – missing about 25 yards, frogged, and rewound. Maybe this happened for a reason. Maybe this humble *&^%$! ball of yarn will save another knitter’s a$@. Or maybe it was just another visit from the Imp of the Perverse.


6 Responses to “Smackdown!”

  1. What a PITA! The only way to look at it is to think that things happen for a reason, I can’t see what that reason was, but fate intervened for some reason. Now get knitting ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Janis said

    I’m on it, Caroline! Thanks for the good word – does that mean you’re feeling better? (I hope!)

  3. Aw – Janis! That sucks! I hate having to frog back anything so you are definately a better knitter than I am! When faced with a situation like that, my normal MO would be to stick it as far down into the depths of a bin in the farthest reachest of my closet and not look at it again for at least five years! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Ummm…a very large tension swatch?
    I like the colour it is going to be!

  5. Janis said

    Hey Lisa – I like your ideas much better than the giant potholder one I came up with. Loved the postcard from

  6. Kristen said

    What a loss! I’m sorry for your project, but curious if you still have the yorkshire tweed aran #415? I did the classic switch of projects, thought I had enough to spare and now am a skein short. I am looking for #415, lot6c3, but am a bit flexible on the lot.

    send me a note, if you have a moment.
    many thanks,

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