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First FO’s of ’08

Posted by Janis on January 25, 2008


Spurred on by the Ravelry Stash Knit-down Group and its “Knit A Mile in January” Challenge, I’ve finished my first projects of the year (short trumpet fanfare here). I did the Fairly Easy Fair Isle from “Stitch n’ Bitch Nation” that’s been hanging around for a year and a half (yarn & everything – I had the pattern in mind for a year before that). It was a quick and easy knit in the Lamb’s Pride Bulky and I’m pretty pleased with it — after tidying up my crummy-looking buttonholes, that is. I decided to be really thorough and knit up the end of the black LPB by making a matching hat, and ended up going through the end of some Valley Berkshire (doubled) I had around, AND some Patons Classic Merino (doubled) in order to finish the thing. Luckily, the blacks match very well and it’s not too obvious where one yarn stops and the second begins – or the third, in this case. Best of all, I have lightened my stashload of about 900 yards of yarn — woo hooo!

While working on the sweater, I also started the base for the Weekend Getaway Satchel, for a little mindless knitting I can do while supervising rehearsals. I’ll finish up that piece today and start on the fun part — the intarsia front of the bag. If I can finish this project this winter, I’ll have all sorts of room in my yarn bins. That sucker takes almost 2 miles of yarn! (Ahhh, nothing like felting for eating up yarn.)

All this bulky-gauge knitting makes me yearn to get back to lace knitting or to start a finer gauge sweater. I love the speed of bulky, but am less and less enamored of the look…


3 Responses to “First FO’s of ’08”

  1. soapy said

    OMG!! I love the sweater! Looks Great on you!! Now seeing the color I want to make myself one…..;o)) Nice job!

  2. Geraldine said

    You did a great job of this cardigan! I am just 9″ along, in the body, making it in a beautiful red tweed Lopi yarn. Wondering if you had any issues with this pattern? Corrections? Fit-wise: snug or roomy? (Im not as thin as I use to be LOL) Thanks in advance.

  3. Janis said

    Thanks, Soapy! It really is an easy and quick knit — you’ll love it! (And you now have enough of the contrasting colors to do it, all you’d need is a background one!)

    Geraldine – thank you. The red tweed Lopi for your FEFI sounds gorgeous! I didn’t have problems with the pattern, but I did make one adaptation – I knitted the sleeves in the round (because I hate seaming). I wish I’d added a few more stitches to them – they are pretty fitted – but all in all the sweater fits well. Do be aware that because the yarn is so bulky, the finished bust measurement in the pattern is on the OUTSIDE of the sweater – the INSIDE of your sweater will fit more like an inch to an inch-and-a-half smaller than that number. I wish I’d done mine just an inch bigger –
    it’s a little snugger than I like over the chi-chi’s… Let me know how it goes!

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