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Intarsia Insanity

Posted by Janis on January 25, 2008


Does this look like fun? I ask you — please, reply honestly. Would you relish weaving in all these *&^%$ ends? Put another way: how badly do I really want this bag?

Answer: I REALLY want this bag, which is the Weekend Getaway Satchel (IK Fall ’05). It’s been on my list for ages, last summer one of my LYS’s was clearing out their Lite Lopi so I got most of the yarn on sale, and here I am… knitting INTARSIA that will then be felted AND have a whole host of finishing items required, some of which require POWER TOOLS. The base requires a piece of masonite which will need to be sawed to fit, and I presume I’ll have to attach the soigné little handbag feet with a drill. A DRILL. At which point this project will no longer have anything to do with knitting, but will be some sort of perverse combination of home ec. and shop class, neither of which I bothered to take in high school.

In a slightly more optimistic view of things, here’s a pic of the finished pieces (base and one strap – 8’+ of glorious stockinette) and the intarsia front in progress:

My big plan is to weave in the ends every 20 rows or so, to avoid losing my mind completely at the end. I’m glad that I generally don’t leave projects languishing, because this one would likely get shoved in a bin and forgotten forever. I am determined, however — I will finish this bag. And like it.


6 Responses to “Intarsia Insanity”

  1. Oooohhh…. I love that bag, but am just not brave enough to tackle it! I always end up with my little bobbins of yarn so woefully tangled that they require the jaws of life to free them from each other. Madness I say! I shall have to live vicariously through you and your Weekend Getaway Satchel. I think the idea of weaving in as you go is probably the best way to keep your sanity! 🙂

  2. kelly said

    You are a braver knitter than I.

    Good Luck!

  3. If you are felting it, why don’t you just leave the ends as is – then you can just trim them with scissors post felting. If you are nervous about holes forming, just tie them together in clumps pre-felting.

  4. Janis said

    PrairieGirl – I know who to bequeath it to when I go to the big yarn store in the sky… Kelly – Foolhardy, I think…Lisa – I thought about that then chickened out and did a bunch of weaving last night – not nearly as much for a non-felted item, but a little insurance. Only on the first 25 rows, though, so I still have almost 50 rows to just tie the ends…

  5. Knit One said

    You won’t be sorry. Felting intarsia is really fun. Weave the ends in loosely and they can be trimmed after felting.Blog posts for intarsia are landscape, Monet, and Undersea bags

  6. Janis said

    Oooo, thanks for the blog posts, Knit One! I’ll definitely check those out!

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