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Knitterly Things

Posted by Janis on January 27, 2008

My reward for a busy day yesterday (striking a show and rehearsing another show) was an evening of knit-minded things. Not just knitting, per se, but ball-winding (6 skeins – whee!), end-weaving, AND four rows of (*&^%$!) intarsia. All of this kicked off by a stop at a LYS, where I bought the needles I THOUGHT I needed for the next project (and why would a LYS not have a copy of the current IK so I could check??). Of course, I bought the wrong size – too short on the cables, the diameter is fine. They don’t allow returns on needles, so I’m kinda screwed. What will I do with 12″ Addi’s in sizes 1 & 2? Anybody out there – speak up if you need these needles! I suppose I could use them to make fine-gauge baby hats, but I don’t really do much baby knitting. I’m going to call them today and see if maybe just once they’ll let me swap for the 16″ ones. (I really did think those needles seemed very short, but I was determined… and wrong.)

So here’s the clean-up, woven-in bag beginning: tidy-endings.jpg I feel better about it now that I can see what the hell is going on back there, but what a pain and I didn’t even weave them in very much, just the bare minimum for the felting. Next, fun with the swift and ballwinder. Here’s the Harrisville New England Shetland, ready to begin the Ivy League Vest, when the bag is finished: harrisville-new-england-shetland.jpgDo you hear me — I said “finished” — even though I swatched a bit last night for the vest… It will take me the rest of my adult life to do that vest — but I’m sure I will learn many truths about Fair Isle knitting in the process. I already know I like it so much more than (*&^%!) intarsia, so it’ll seem like a breath of fresh air, I’m sure. And I’ve been practicing the two-handed method of carrying the 2 colors, so that’s getting a little less clumsy.

Finally, this morning I decided that the pile of knitting books and magazines on my nightstand and the nearby bookshelf in our bedroom was getting a little out of hand. I piled everything up (except the Yarn Harlot – those stay) and carried them downstairs, where I took this picture. knitbooks.jpg
Even Harry Houdini is astonished at the pile. The knitting bookshelves are groaning again under the weight of their returned comrades, and I feel like a new woman. (But I gotta get rid of some of these books — like the ones I know I’ll NEVER make anything from, for instance…)


6 Responses to “Knitterly Things”

  1. Ionadreams said

    I have the same problem with books I know I’ll never use. We could aways donate them to the library. The bag looks great so far. I can’t wait for the power drill tutorial! I also like the Noro hat, and the colors for Ivy. Gee! What vitamins do you take? I need to get some of those.

  2. yarnshrink said

    My dear… I’m not meaning to stalk you, but i am insanely jealous of you having the yarn for the Vest. I happen to be madly, madly in love with it, ever since I received my issue of Interweave….

    Your lovely SP!

  3. Janis said

    Yarnshrink – You ARE a lovely SP — and think how lovely the gorgeous Yarn Dyenasty handdyed sock yarn will be with the vest! Coincidence or … kismet?

    Ionadreams – Ummm, yeah! The power drill tutorial – this oughta be fun! (I think I’ll recruit my dad for the power sawing of the base board…)

  4. Paula said

    No, Jan, dear – you weren’t ‘skrewed’ in purchasing the wrong-sized needles – you were ‘stuck’.
    hardee har har

  5. Marie said

    If the LYS won’t let you exchange the needles, put them up for sale/trade on Ravelry and give me a heads-up when you do it. I’m willing to bet you can recoup on them! You can probably do the same with the books, although I’d advise keeping the ones with good instructions. Even if you don’t think you’d like to make anything out of them now, you may change your mind in a few years!

  6. Janis said

    The LYS came through and was very gracious about my exchanging them for the right lengths. But I’ll keep you in mind, Marie – I’m due for destashing SOON and will give you a heads up!

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