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Late to the (Silk) Garden Party, Think I’ll Stay

Posted by Janis on February 22, 2008

I may be the last knitter in North America to actually knit with Noro Silk Garden. I’ve been hoarding had a big bunch of it for quite some time now, thanks to one of Sue’s amazing sales at, and last night I felt inspired to cast on. When I bought it, I weighed 40 pounds more than I do now and was planning on making the Bettna cardigan with it, which is a long, covers-all-sins sweater. Now that I’m healthier, I wanted a less shrouded look. So the other night when I was poking around on Ravelry (yes, I do spend entirely too much time there – do not speak of this to me again – when it is less polar, I will go outside and play) – where was I? – oh yes, I found the “Halfobi” sweater. It’s a kind of shrug/bolero hybrid that just looks fantastic knitted up in Silk Garden. I’m going to make mine a bit longer than bolero length, so it doesn’t do one of those dreaded ski slope off the chi-chi’s effects… Ick!

I had made using this lovely yarn one of my 12 goals for the “Mission Possible” group I’m in at Ravelry, and after a snow day yesterday mostly spent felting the other pieces of the satchel from hell, I was ready for a change. And what a change! From knitting doubled-up strands of scratchy ol’ Lopi (love ya, Lopi, but you know you’re scratchy, man!) – the last bit all in black heather, no less — I turn to soft and delicious Silk Garden. Every row changes color slightly and every few rows I’m in new color entirely. A perfect antidote to Lopi. Will post in-progress pix when I’m further along than 3.5″ on the right sleeve.


3 Responses to “Late to the (Silk) Garden Party, Think I’ll Stay”

  1. errs said

    You’re not the last one. I haven’t knit anything with Noro yet. 😉

  2. Darx said

    I’ve yet to knit with Noro Silk Garden, although I hear its praises sung regularly. Can’t wait to see some photos 🙂

  3. Janis said

    Hey you two – I’ll have some left – want a little bit to play with? (said the spider to the fly…)

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