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To Cut or Not to Cut?

Posted by Janis on February 28, 2008

dcirabbitscissorsblue.jpgShall I trim the pieces of the satchel tonight and try to sew them together? Do I have the guts, the nerve, the cahones to do the job — and do it right? Or shall I just knit serenely on with the newly-cast-on Halfobi cardigan, leaving to another day the bigger issues of measuring and cutting and not ruining a project that’s worth $100 of yarn and hours of my life that I’ll never get back no matter what? Maybe it would be better to cut with natural light. Maybe it’s better to do it in the light of day. Maybe I’m just not ready to cut yet. (And these aren’t even steeks, for Pete’s sake.) I’m pretty sure if I had some of these cute bunny scissors I’d be just fine…


4 Responses to “To Cut or Not to Cut?”

  1. Darx said

    Yeah, definitely go with your gut and wait until the mood strikes. Cutting is a Big Deal. Can’t wait to see it when you do, though 🙂

  2. Eileen said

    So what did you do?

    I want those scissors, but I want mine to be pink with sparkles.

  3. Janis said

    Well, I waited till Saturday morning, then I cut. It really was OK, EXCEPT that I discovered the back piece was 2″ shorter than the front. So I soaked it in a little Eucalan and some cold water, stretched the hell out of it, and hope it stays the right size when it dries.

    And guess what – those bunny scissors come in pink, too! Will have to find a link for you…

  4. yarnshrink said

    soooooo my dear SP….

    While in my far far far away land, I managed to pick you up some postcards, but unfortunately, we had a toddler/applesauce incident, and I’m sorry to say there was a few casualties. but, fortunately, something made it out safe, and you will have your final package going out to you sometime next week. I’ll let you know when to expect it!

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