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Sweater Surgery

Posted by Janis on February 16, 2009

I know it’s a holiday, but the doctor is in and busy at work. I had a major surgery scheduled for this morning: my Sunrise Circle Jacket’s back is suffering from a moderate to severe case of shortness.

I diagnosed this problem only when actually suturing the fronts to the back yesterday (yes, this doctor even works Sundays). Of course, in my usual fashion, I insisted on completing the side sutures on both sides, easing the extra frontage into the backage, and creating what I’ll kindly call a gently undulating effect along the front — not unlike a bad lipo job. So I modelled it, looked, thought… “hmmmm, I really don’t want to knit a new back, even though I have plenty of yarn.” Then I thought — surgery! Snip a stitch, unravel, knit in a couple of inches, and graft it shut again. I had performed this procedure successfully over the summer on a baby sweater sleeve that needed an additional inch. The scale of the SCJ is much larger – oh, say 4 times more stitches to be dealt with – but I know I can do it.

The offending uneveness.

The offending uneveness.

Surgery in progress.

Surgery in progress.

At this point I have ravelled (unravelled?) the back just above the hem-turn line, and have managed to get all the stitches on both sides of the incision on needles. I’m sure some of them are twisted, but I’ll deal with that as I knit them or graft them. When I get the knitting done, I’m going to try the brilliant TECHknitter’s method of grafting with knitting needles.

And now, my big confession. It is utterly ridiculous that I’m having to do this in the first place. You see, I looked up everything ever written by anyone who’s done this pattern before I cast on. Did anyone mention a problem with back length? Oh yes, many times. Did I follow the designer’s recommendation and knit the back first, then match the fronts to it? Well, I knit the back first, but I didn’t understand how to adjust the size of the fronts, as they’re knitted in a semi-circle, so I just trusted the knitting goddesses. And here I am… having what I will choose to call “a learning
experience.” I’ll let you know how it all turns out.


4 Responses to “Sweater Surgery”

  1. Looks like it’ll be gorgeous when it’s done, oh brave Doctor… What a beautiful colour! And how clever you are for fixing it!

  2. Darcy said

    Love the yarn. Great post, doc!

  3. Trish said

    Wow!!!! You are BAAAAAACCCCKKKKKKK!!!! I was so excited to read your post after missing your stories for so long!!!! Plus, what a GREAT story (I now see you were finishing up Med School in your blogging absence!) about saving a beautiful sweater…. and what a great way to save her!
    P.S. Loved the “no match” sox card….. gosh, you make me laugh!!!!! 🙂 Welcome back, we have all missed you!!!!!

    Chica Trish

  4. Hi Janis,

    Thank you for reading my blog! You take very nice picture of your knitting! I try to do the same with the chickens. Come back again soon!


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