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Earnest Hemming (A)way

Posted by Janis on February 25, 2009

The sweater surgery was pretty successful. The patient did not expire, nor did the doc, though I had a very faint moment at the end of 120 (on each side) stitches grafted when I realized I was off by two stitches on one side. Yeah. Two stitches. No way was I going to pull the whole thing out and redo it. So I cleverly hid the problem in the seam.

Hemming (and hawing) the Sunrise Circle Jacket

Hemming (and hawing) the Sunrise Circle Jacket

I’m now onto sewing up the hem. Last night during Obama’s speech, I was so inspired I got both of the sleeves hemmed and started on the neckline, which you see here. I have got a lot of sewing left to do here, but it’s really not bad. It’s not making ugly marks on the front of the sweater so far, so that’s a huge relief. I had worked myself into a tizzy worrying about that little “what if.”

Aside from the Sunrise Circle progress, I washed and blocked the pieces of my Pretzel Logic Cabled Vest yesterday. Just peeked at it — blocking works wonders for cables – so here is a rather dim picture of the back. My basement blocking area is not a sunny delight — bear with me. I have fallen in love with cabling this winter — I love the variety it affords. I’m a little worried this vest may end up being just a smidgen small — I did some funky math with my yarn sub and am afraid I goofed it up. We’ll know tomorrow when it’s dry enough to baste together and slip on.



4 Responses to “Earnest Hemming (A)way”

  1. Trish said

    love the play(s) on words! Love the Sunrise Jacket and the Hawing!!!! Wow, the cables are amazing!!! I bet they will fit, they are stunning!

    We are sooooooooo glad you are back in the blogging groove!!!!
    Chica Trish

  2. Your cables look spectacular!

  3. Marcy said

    The vest looks wonderful!

  4. Janis said

    Well, gosh, thanks! I’m pleased with the cables, but I was right — it is waaaaaay too small in the crucial area. Am busy trying to figure out a way to save it – will post results soon. If that doesn’t work — Trish, I think Julia Child
    would look fabulous in a cabled vest!

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