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Not a Happy Camper

Posted by Janis on March 10, 2009

Well, last night I finished putting the zipper in the cabled vest (Pretzel Logic). Finally I could try it on and see how my Frankenstein number on the added side panels worked out. Tooooooooooo big. I feel like Goldilocks, for Pete’s sake — oh, this time it’s too small, this time it’s too big. Will it ever be JUST RIGHT?

I had to put it aside last night or risk going at it with scissors or worse. I’m pretty sure I can take out the crocheted border around the armholes, take out the side panels, reknit them smaller – and maybe ribbed for stretch, sew them back in, and put the borders back on the armholes. It didn’t take long to knit the panels, so I’ve probably got 2-3 hours of work ahead to make it wearable, but it is sooooo disappointing. Also, the 2 rows of crocheted border on the fronts, while now nice and flat, have ugly bumps along the outside edges of them. I may try pulling them to the inside with a crochet hook. Or I may try setting fire to the whole stupid thing. No – wait – scratch that – wool won’t burn.

To take the edge off this whole mess, I decided to play with my other toys – swift, ball winder, and scale. I just got the scale and it has inspired me to conduct scientific experiments, such as the one shown here. tool-time I wound up seven skeins of Rowan Summer Tweed that’s going to be a Liesl cardi, then weighed each to see how close they come to 50 grams. The smallest skein weighted 47 grams, one was a perfect 50, and the others came in at 51, 52, 52, 53, and two 54’s. That’s a total of 11 bonus grams of yarn, or 25.5 yards, enough for a generous-sized swatch.

Sorry to go all geeky on you there — I just needed a distraction from the %@*&^! vest. I went on to swatch and cast on for Liesl last night, so that was pleasant.


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