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Not a Happy Camper

Posted by Janis on March 10, 2009

Well, last night I finished putting the zipper in the cabled vest (Pretzel Logic). Finally I could try it on and see how my Frankenstein number on the added side panels worked out. Tooooooooooo big. I feel like Goldilocks, for Pete’s sake — oh, this time it’s too small, this time it’s too big. Will it ever be JUST RIGHT?

I had to put it aside last night or risk going at it with scissors or worse. I’m pretty sure I can take out the crocheted border around the armholes, take out the side panels, reknit them smaller – and maybe ribbed for stretch, sew them back in, and put the borders back on the armholes. It didn’t take long to knit the panels, so I’ve probably got 2-3 hours of work ahead to make it wearable, but it is sooooo disappointing. Also, the 2 rows of crocheted border on the fronts, while now nice and flat, have ugly bumps along the outside edges of them. I may try pulling them to the inside with a crochet hook. Or I may try setting fire to the whole stupid thing. No – wait – scratch that – wool won’t burn.

To take the edge off this whole mess, I decided to play with my other toys – swift, ball winder, and scale. I just got the scale and it has inspired me to conduct scientific experiments, such as the one shown here. tool-time I wound up seven skeins of Rowan Summer Tweed that’s going to be a Liesl cardi, then weighed each to see how close they come to 50 grams. The smallest skein weighted 47 grams, one was a perfect 50, and the others came in at 51, 52, 52, 53, and two 54’s. That’s a total of 11 bonus grams of yarn, or 25.5 yards, enough for a generous-sized swatch.

Sorry to go all geeky on you there — I just needed a distraction from the %@*&^! vest. I went on to swatch and cast on for Liesl last night, so that was pleasant.


3 Responses to “Not a Happy Camper”

  1. darxyanne said

    I love that you are a geek. I just got a new scale, too, but I haven’t busted it out yet. You’re inspiring me!

  2. Trish said

    What swift did you get? I’ve been looking at at them for ages, and just can’t quite justify the cost…except they would pay for themselves with the time we save balling up the wondeful yarn!!! (I’m pretty geeky with my scale!!!!)
    show us some pictures of the cast on for your cardi! Yippee for new projects!!!!

  3. angela said

    I’m wishing my fiber workbench ever looked that organized! I’d like to do Liesl too–it turns out different and lovely when i’m looking through projects.

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