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Posted by Janis on October 18, 2007

I have been away so long, it’s hard to know where to start. Since I’ve spent a couple of weeks wondering where to start, I think I’ll just jump in at the point I left off, which is a trip to New York at the end of September. My wonderful school sent me to New York for the Educational Theatre (edTA) Conference, which was held smack in the middle of the Theatre District, Manhattan. It was a great conference (yes, even the sessions!), Orestes got to come with me, and we had time outside the conference for plenty of theatre adventures, and even a day prowling the Chelsea Antique Markets. AND – last but not least – I made a pilgrimage to School Products. More on that in a minute. First — the pix:




havana.JPGFrom left to right: the obligatory “me in Times Square” shot, “Mauritius” at the Biltmore Theatre (great!); “Mary Poppins” (I loved it for sentimental reasons – sniff); Havana Central – fab Cuban restaurant in the Theatre District with live and smokin’ Cuban band (eat, dance, eat, dance… even the servers and bus folks are bustin’ a move)(order the paella); Orestes at the Hard Rock with Lou Reed’s outfit from the album cover of “Transformer” (he asked me to fully identify this, owing to the sanctity of these garments). We also saw “Forbidden Broadway,” which was brilliant, sharp as a razor — even after 25 years of parodying Broadway.

I think I should confess that when we got to our seats for “Mary Poppins,” I had a little meltdown, missing my mother, as “Mary Poppins” was a very special film for us. We had talked of going to London when it opened there in musical form, but didn’t get it done before she passed. The whole show was a pretty emotional experience for me — and you can just fugeddabout the Bird Lady — I was a mess. (I never could take that number.)

Back to my pilgrimage to School Products. I had exactly an hour and a half lunch break during Friday’s meetings to hoof it from about 35th and 8th down to 23rd and Broadway, so off I went. School Products is on the 3rd floor of a building in the Fashion District, with a sign saying “YARN” in the window that faces the street. I went up in the elevator, the door opened, and Behold! There it was, School Products. I was greeted by the very kind and knowledgeable Mr. Karapetyan, husband of the famous Berta Karapetyan, knitwear designer (“Runway Knits”). He gave me a good introduction to the shop and the yarns it carries, then left me to roam, ogle, and pet the yarns at will. School Products is known for its coned yarns, and for good reason. They have beautiful, luxurious yarns at amazing prices for larger quantities. I bought a cone of cream-colored merino-cashmere blend that is soooo soft, and has a nylon binder to keep those soft fibers together in the garment. I feel like a real pro when I buy coned yarn — there’s something exciting about having NO ENDS to join in a sweater and NO FEAR of running out of yarn. I have plenty to make at least 2 sweaters of any style I choose. School Products is also the home of Karabella Yarns – Berta created the line – so of course they carry the complete line, in all their colorful glory. How I wish I could skip a month’s bills and spend the money here! They have lots of cashmere and cashmere blends at very good value, and a silk/cotton blend that I couldn’t resist. School Products has many items available online at: I only had time for one yarn shop on this trip to New York, and I’m very happy with my choice. Thanks to Knitties who recommended it on the Knittyboard!


Here it is, in not-a-great picture. Mr. Karapetyan, on the other hand, is looking good, weighing my cone of merino-cashmere.


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Ravelry Rivalry

Posted by Janis on September 23, 2007

Ohhhhh dear! I got my Ravelry invite Friday — much sooner than expected, which has sent me into a bit of a panic — and now that I’ve spent a little (!) time there, I have all these new worries. They are as follows:1) Am I really ready to commit to Ravelry? If I fill in my entire queue of wanna-be projects for all the (knitting) world to see, what will it mean if I don’t finish them? Will I be a BIG FAT LOSER to all my friends on Ravelry?

2) Which brings me to — “Friends” — what is up with this? I am not a MySpace person, so the concept of “friends” here is confusing me. I have friends I’ve made on the Knittyboard and at my LYS who are, of course, now my Ravelry friends. But I also have a new friend who adopted me, the pleasure of whose acquaintance I have not met in cyber- or actual space. Hey, I’m open, I’m outgoing, extrovert, all that — but does “friend” also mean “fan” or something similar? I like having lots of friends, don’t get me wrong — I just don’t want to embarrass myself by not remembering their favorite fibers…

3) I already feel like I’m cheating on my beloved Knittyboard. This is the community that’s kept me afloat through thick and thin, knitterly and personally, for the first 2 years of my knitting life. How can I spend so much time with a new site without KB knowing? This morning after spending a half-hour on Ravelry, I went directly to the Knittyboard and lavished it with attention, posts, and general good humor. God, I hope she doesn’t discover my sluttish behavior!

4) Will I lose my job when I forget to show up to work, sucked into Ravelry like light into a black hole in space? Strike that, already know the answer…

And so, dear readers, I give you:

The Ravelry Pledge: Ravelry is a powerful tool that must be used for good, not evil. I must use it wisely and never forget my humble beginnings.

I must remember that I have control over the content I post on Ravelry, and that any ludicrous time frames for finishing large and complicated projects will be immediately detected by knitters far more experienced than I. And while there may be true entertainment value in this, it will not – I repeat NOT – get everyone in my family a sweater or lace shawl knitted and under the tree by Christmas Day.

Lastly, I must not covet other knitters’ stash or FO’s, no matter how beautiful they are. They are to serve as examples and role models to me, and not as objects I’d like to steal at once and keep close to me for the rest of my days. I must remember that the process of knitting is a joy unto itself and that, even if I did bonk Knitter X on the head and grab her fabulous lace shawl, it just wouldn’t be the same as knitting it myself. Even if I’ll be 98 and blind when I finish it, I’ll still be able to feel it and know that I made it myself.

And I’ll share it with all of you on Ravelry…

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Equal Time for Cats?

Posted by Janis on March 1, 2007

Cat-people pals are asking if their moggies can be featured here. I love cats, just can’t have ’em at home with the three blog dogs. It would be great fun to have them here, though, so send those digital pix this way. Watch for Pookie and Vinnie in this space soon…

Also — a contest to celebrate spring and the completion of stash organization (except for the 6 skeins I picked up at the Hearthstone Knits sale on Tuesday).

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* ahem * NOW open for comments…

Posted by Janis on February 15, 2007

Let’s see if I have finally unchecked all the boxes necessary for comments to be made. Two days of sun in a row here — maybe my brain is finally clearing enough to understand WordPress-ese… Thanks to Knitty-pal Janelle for testing earlier today.

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