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Special Guest Blog Dog, Louis

Posted by Janis on October 18, 2007


Yes, yes — I had a brush (and a lick or two!) with fame while in New York. This is Louis, the understudy bulldog for “Legally Blonde” on Broadway. His trainer, Rob, gave a workshop on working with critters onstage at our conference, and Louis decided I was his new best buddy. Ask me how much I loved that…

Other glimpses at famous folk around the Big Apple: Orestes was nearly mowed down by Greta Van Susteren as she zoomed down 42nd Street with her wheeled attaché, giving notes to her (non-wheeled) attaché. We hung around the stage door at the Biltmore after “Mauritius” and had a chance to meet Bobby Cannavale and F. Murray Abraham — both so gracious and indulgent of our compliments on their performances — very exciting. Then we saw Beck at the Chelsea Goodwill — well, Orestes spotted him – I wouldn’t recognize him (or his music) if he/it bit me on the ass. But it is fun to be in a place where all sorts of celebrated people just walk around doing normal people things. OK, OK, so I got a little star-struck in New York – so sue me.

Two posts on New York – that’s plenty. When I get caught up on the rest of my life, I’ll fill you in on my knitting projects, which include a potentially lethal experiment using Noro Kureyon for a Wonderful Wallaby… Maybe not so wonderful, that idea.



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Look, Hadji! It’s Bandit!

Posted by Janis on August 1, 2007


My brother and his family have adopted this gorgeous 3-year old Husky, Bandit. We’ll be meeting them in Denver tomorrow — hooray! Driving out with my dad, then flying from Denver to Florida to visit my in-laws, then Florida homeward. Long trip, lots of knitting time — Lacy Kerchief Scarf (I’m growing to hate that name), I’ll be wearing you in a few days! Possibly also the Montego Bay scarf — except I’m too chicken to cast on that deluxe SeaSilk — it’s just too nice! Before you kindly offer to take it off my hands — don’t worry, I’ll manage somehow!


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Here are our heroes of youth: Dr. Quest, Race Bannon, Jonny, Hadji, and Bandit. I had a crush on Hadji, but also felt strangely uncomfortable when Jade would show up acting all sultry around Race…

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Time Off for Good Behavior

Posted by Janis on February 28, 2007

kionfloor.jpgMeet Kiowa, special guest blog dog for this week. Ki is an exotic mix of — what? — maybe some shepherd, some husky, some wolf? We’re not sure, but we love him. He belongs to one of my oldest friends, Jen.

Jen and I were having coffee the other day, bemoaning the havoc that winter has wreaked on our over-40 faces and skin. Jen came up with a great idea, one that will surely take off if we can just get everyone behind it. Here it is: As you go through life, you only get lines and wrinkles and dark spots and flakies if you’re a rotten person. If you are a virtuous person, good to others and yourself, follow the Golden Rule and the Boy Scout motto — you age gracefully and stay timelessly lovely forever. As it stands now, the rich stay lovely because they can afford to have the work done. In the future, good souls will stay lovely and money won’t be able to buy you doodah.

What’s really appealing is that everyone has the raw materials to compete, it’s a level playing field. (Well, sociopaths might have a rough go of it.) The rules are simple and we learn them as children. We can take responsibility from the get-go. And before anyone is offended that I am being ageist, let me say this: On a good day, I feel I’ve earned every line and wrinkle and don’t mind the silver strands and extra pounds. (OK, OK, so I never don’t mind the extra pounds, but that’s all my bad.) On a not-so-good day, I can feel pretty invisible in the youth culture at large. It’s a macro-level thing: when I’m teaching college or middle school students, I’m engaged with inviduals and it’s all good. Out in the world is where it gets dodgy. I wouldn’t walk into a record store if you paid me. I can walk through any store in the mall except the Williams-Sonoma without being asked if I need help. There’s a certain freedom to it, really.

But I’d still go with Jen’s plan any day. As long as it would start immediately and not retroactively — if my college years counted, I’d probably look a lot worse than I do now.

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Special Guest Blog Dog

Posted by Janis on February 19, 2007

riley1.JPG Meet Riley. He and Dad are down for the weekend. Riley’s a Lab mix, 7 years old, adopted from the Jefferson City Animal Shelter as a puppy. He’s a very smart little dog and is known to the family as the FLF (funny little fellow). He gets along swimmingly with June, Harry, and Coco, so we love having him (and Dad!) visit.

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Meet the Blog Dogs

Posted by Janis on January 10, 2007

We have three dogs. Three BIG dogs. Meet them now:
Harry and the Socks

Harry Houdini: Great Pyrenees/Husky mix, 11 years old, adopted from the Humane Society.
Socks: Trekking XXL, Addi Turbo #1’s, 2-circ method, K3P2 rib.


Junebug: Mostly Labrador retriever, 6 years old, adopted from Stray Rescue.


Coco: Newfoundland, 5 years old, adopted from Animal Protective Association.

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